You will also need to practice these tips and make them a part of your daily routine. The goal of the goalkeeper is to save the goal. You have to be ready at all times. Adapt off season training tips in the games you play to be great .

Stay focused on the ball at all times.
Don’t fall into the trap of only seeing the ball when it’s in the 18-yard box. Keep yourself focused on the ball at all times, even if it’s far from you. Many goalkeepers have realized to their horror the consequences of not paying attention to the ball when it was way off.

Be ready to leave the 18-yard box
The main mission of the goalkeeper is to save shots from reaching the goal. However, at some point in the game, you will need to leave the 18-yard box. Don’t do this too often or your opponent could easily score while you’re away. Get ready to leave the goal and run to save the ball. Don’t hold back in the moment, instead walk with faith and determination.

Jump to reach the cross
Before you jump in the air to save the ball, make sure that you can actually reach the ball. When you should and shouldn’t jump for a cross it’s very hard to determine. In fact, this is something you will actually learn in the field as you gain more experience. If you lose the ball in the air, then the opposing team has an advantage over you.

Learn from your mistakes
Making mistakes is part of the game. Unless you make a mistake, you won’t go very far. Have confidence and then you can take on the opposition. You will concede. At this point, analyze what went wrong and then try not to repeat the mistake again.

Surprise your opponent
Don’t make the first move, let your opponent do it first. This way you will be able to take them by surprise. As a football goalkeeper, you have to be able to judge the body language of the players. This is especially important when it is the offensive players who take the shot. You have to be able to judge when, how and where the striker plans to shoot.

Standing close to the goal line is required
It is very important that you stand close to the goal line (about one yard). Standing too far from the goal line can provide a great opportunity for the opposing team. You don’t want to be caught with your bottom guard.

Don’t be afraid of getting hurt
Goalkeepers can’t be afraid of getting hurt. You will need to use your whole body to stop your opponent from scoring. In tight situations, you have to do whatever it takes to save the goal. Injuries happen despite all the training and gear that goalkeepers wear, but it’s part of the game.

7 Football Tips For Goalkeepers