About online slot cheats

About online slot cheats – It is because the results are determined by the RNG (random number generator) and it is impossible to predict the outcome. The symbols you see on the slot machine screen are not really symbols. They are computer codes that have numeric pairs. Here’s an example:

  • Watermelon symbol: 22343
  • Grapefruit Symbol: 34342
  • jackpot marker: 33525

Each time you spin the reel, the RNG software randomly generates a series of numbers. For example, if the RNG software generates a number between 22,340 and 22,350, you will see a watermelon symbol on the screen, because the numeric pair is 22,343. Basically, it works like this:

  • The RNG software tells the central server which number it generates.
  • The central server checks the numbers and decides which symbols to place on the screen.

All of this happened in a matter of seconds. The results are so random that even RNG software programmers cannot predict them. In other words, even if you have full access to the central server, you still cannot change the RNG result. In order to “trick” such a system, you would have to hack multiple servers, listen to every digital communication, and gain full access to the entire network. Honestly, if you are capable of doing things like that, then don’t waste time scamming the slots. We are sure some intelligence services will find you a job. In short, there are no slot cheats for modern slot games, be they in physical form or online casinos. for trusted and safe online slots, we recommend playing at which is a trusted agent website for Online Slot Betting Games.


We mentioned that there are times when slot cheats are possible, due to a mechanical defect of the wardrobe. Well, here are some examples. This is known to be the most famous slot cheat of all time. We have to warn you: None of them work anymore.

Cheating Codes: This is a cheating method that is not open to the “public”. When video slots first appeared, they used simple computer code and even simpler chips. Ronald Dale Harris is one such programmer. He left several doors back on the slot codes he wrote and used some of them to gain full access to the game. Basically, he could predict the outcome before the reels started spinning. It’s impossible to do this again.

Shaved Coin: The slot machine uses a simple light sensor to identify the value of the coin being inserted. The cheat name for this slot is literal: People shave the outer edges of the coins. The light sensor accepts it as a regular coin because it cannot check the outer edge. However, the payment mechanism can do that, so detect it as the wrong coin and return it. Modern light sensors check the entire surface of the coin (including the sides).

Counterfeit Coins: This is actually a forgery. Some gamblers use hard metal molds to make their own “coins”. One can tell the difference but the light sensor can be tricked, which is the whole “concept” of this cheat. Again, modern light sensors are not affected by this scam.

Yo-Yo: Get a monofilament fishing rod. Tie it around a regular coin. Drop a coin into the machine. Right after the light sensor accepts it as payment, pull the rope and get the coins back. This “tactic” has also been used in telephone cabinets for many years. It doesn’t work anymore. But it’s possible to trick old mechanical slots in the past.

Light Wand: Conceived by notorious slot con artist Tommy Glenn Carmichael, this is an odd looking device. Remember the slot machine light sensor that we keep talking about? Then, the device starts flashing a series of lights to confuse the sensor. With this “technique” you can place a penny and the sensors will think you have just laid down hundreds of coins. This is Carmichael’s trick. He bought several used slot cabinets, analyzed the sensors, and programmed the devices as needed.

About other 5 online slot cheats

Piano Wire: Do a mini-drill. Find a mechanical slot cabinet. Open a small hole next to the drive wheel. Insert a 20 inch long piano cable into the holes and manipulate the wheels & drive wheels. If you know what you are doing, you can stop the cog and stop it on a winning spin. All of this happened in the 80s. Well, not anymore.

Top-Bottom Joint: Another device designed by Tommy Glenn Carmichael. Yes, he is the most famous slot con man of all time. She loves manipulating game closets – the guy has a knack for that. The top-bottom connection is a long cable. The top looks like the letter “Q”. The bottom is connected to a mini battery. You insert the Q section into the coin line and apply a small amount of electricity to the cord. Again, this technique requires very detailed knowledge of how slot cabinets work. Tommy Glenn Carmichael bought that used slot cabinet for a reason. In theory, this is still possible.

Monkey Paw: This is a primitive version of the top-bottom joint. Basically monkey claws are guitar strings attached to metal rods. If you know where it is, you can put the monkey’s leg into the coin line and trigger the disconnect switch from the payment mechanism. You guessed it right, Tommy Glenn Carmichael. He uses this device on a mechanical slot and switches to a top-down link when a video slot appears. That’s why there are a lot of cheating things that online slot players can do.

Bill Validator Tool: You can also enter bills into the slot machine, coins are not the only way to pay them. It’s a simple tool: The top is covered by 100,000 rupiah banknotes. You put 1000 rupiah in it. Put the device into the channel. The light sensor will accept it as a 100,000 rupiah stake. Pull out the device (and the tied 100,000 rupiah note) and the 1000 rupiah note will enter the machine. Congratulations, you’ve just made a 100,000 rupiah bet paying only 1000 rupiah. This technique still works on some older link sbobet asia games.

Computer Chip Replacement: Buy a used slot cabinet. Re-design the chip. Write the entire code and get your own chips, so that will benefit the odds in your favor. Go to the casino. Open the cupboard, put in your own chips. Start spinning. Skilled con artists can open the cabinet & insert their own chips in less than 15 seconds. This technique doesn’t work anymore because of some of the control mechanisms we described above.


They’re investing in a better light sensor, for starters. In addition, the entire casino floor is watched & recorded 7/24. Note that almost all of these cheats require physical manipulation of the wardrobe. So they watch the recorded stream right after someone wins the prize. If they see manipulation, you are caught – simple as that.


Are you wondering how to win at slots? This is luck and nothing else. You can’t cheat the slots or use the “system”: All games are random and you can’t predict the outcome. Sure, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to increase your chances of winning, so it’s like choosing a game with a high RTP rate but that’s it: you can’t cheat the system. Read our other guides that focus on slot game tips & tricks to see “legal” ways to increase your luck. Using a cheat is… well, it won’t end well, we can guarantee it.


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