Because Gambling Lost Everything He Had

Gambling games can make him comfortable if he wins the bet he bets. For example, if he wins, he feels happy and can think every day that he can win this way, he doesn’t need to work anymore and doesn’t bother looking for money out there, he doesn’t have to work to earn money.

The story of a gambler is already used to winning and rarely losing. But one day he played a gamble with a large capital, in one day he could play daftar sbobet deposit pulsa with his capital with a hundred million. In his mind he will be able to win with more money than his capital. It turned out that the bet was lost and lost.

The money that he used as capital for gambling was already running low so that the next day he played again with the capital he spent two hundred million. And the money he has left is only two hundred million, he doesn’t think about the two hundred million he wants to be used as capital to bet on his next gambling game.

He started playing MarkasJudi the same gamble as last night. He thought he could return the capital he lost last night. It turned out that the money that was bet was lost. And his money runs out, there is no money or capital for the next day. His wife has also told him not to gamble anymore.

Items for sale

But he did not hear his wife say. And he started to think about how to get money so he could play tomorrow again. And he thought of selling his four-wheeled vehicle so he could bakarat online the capital he had MarkasJudi played with.

The car that has been sold, the money is staked again so that he can win he pays people so they can get a leak of the bet he wants to bet.
I didn’t think that the person who was paid to find out the leak was just an ordinary person who didn’t know the leaked bet.

And he placed a bet that was given from the person who gave the leak earlier. Turns out he lost again and he started to get angry. After coming home from gambling. He thought about how to get the money that can be bet again.

With Thoughts That Drive Him Crazy

And he thought about mortgaging everything he owned his house and car again. And his wife doesn’t know what her husband is doing. After the next day he MarkasJudi played the same bet again. And he managed to win the bet with his too high capital, the losing dealer disappeared because the bookie couldn’t afford to pay his big bet.

And he was very happy because he won his big bet. The next day he approached the city and it turned out that the city had disappeared and did not know where. This gambler immediately didn’t know what else to say because he had already taken out and sold all the things he owned. Plus he had won the bet earlier. And the city has gone missing because he was too big to install it.

After that, his mortgaged house was about to be confiscated because he didn’t redeem it. And his wife and child who have started to hate his wife and child leave and don’t want to think of him anymore.

And at this point we can only tell you that because of gambling, many people have become bankrupt and can go crazy. It is recommended to you. For those of you who play gambling or are beginners, don’t be too emotional, if you have lost, don’t think about it, just think it’s just a game being played.

Thank you for reading so that you are not like this one player.


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