A poker rake race is a competition organized by a poker room, over a predetermined period of time in which a prize pool is awarded to the players who generate more rake. The more players scratch, the more they earn from the prize pool. This type of competition is all about playing as much as possible to earn more money, a lot of considerations need to be taken into account to optimize the value you get out of it. Before starting such a poker competition, you should obviously choose the one that suits your goals. For information on current and future poker races, regularly check the relevant websites and/or subscribe to their newsletters. They can be announced from 1 month to just 1 day in advance, so stay tuned!

Time considerations
When you decide to participate in , you will most likely have to play a lot to get the prize. That is why it is important to choose a time period where you know you will be available to play as much poker as you want. Of course the availability you need will depend on the length of the competition. If it lasts a day, you may need to play twelve hours on that day to get a good prize. If it lasts longer than six months, you may not need to play every day. The most important thing here is to plan carefully.

Money considerations
The main motivation for participating in a sweeping race is to win more money. Before starting such a race, it is important to consider not only the prize pool and its distribution but also your goals and plans: how much do you want to win, which rankings you can target, how big the competition is, past results of the same type of event, … you should choose a race that suits your goals. Some prize pools will give a lot of money to the first few who will multi-table for 16 hours a day, some others will have smoother prize pool distribution. Also, it is important to consider the money you will make with other promotions offered by the poker room (bonuses, rakeback, VIP status, …).

Terms and Conditions
To ensure that you will be playing a poker match that fits your profile and that you get the best out of it, carefully read the terms and conditions of the competition you plan to play. There are many different ones with many different conditions.

Rake race game considerations
should be seen as extra money that you wouldn’t make otherwise. This means you should avoid losing money by trying to get more out of the rake race: don’t play with higher limits, don’t play more than you can. You’ll need a lot, but don’t play more tables than you can handle, … In general, it’s easier to play the TAG (Tight Aggressive) style. You will play less, you will make fewer mistakes and will have easier decisions.

Starting a poker race
If possible, try to start the race from the first hour it starts and play a game of multi-tabling (within your comfort zone and limits). This way, you will most likely be one of the first or maybe the first on the first update of the leaderboard to be published and this gives you two advantages: it may discourage some competitors and you have control over the race because you have an earlier start. better than your competitors.

Best Strategy For Poker Rake Racing