Formulas for Playing Roulette Online In order to get a win

Before you know about how to get a win, it would be nice to know in advance about the game formula. In order to increase your chances of winning, this formula must be well understood because it is the basic steps for playing. So that it will be easier for you to play roulette gambling if you understand it.

The roulette game formula is actually very simple because there are only a few formulas to solve the game. As I will explain in full about the basic formula for playing roulette. Such as: Paroli formula, Outside bets, martiangle.

First the Paroli Formulas

Paroli is a type of fixed betting strategy that must be used in playing roulette. The meaning of paroli is a fixed bet that must match from the start. Where if you play roulette you must be consistent in placing betting money on the gambling site being played. The goal is to get a bigger win.

Both Outside Bets Formulas

Outside bets is one type of strategy for determining inside or outside bets. Which means inside is an inside bet, while outside is an outside bet. The player must decide which one to use outside or inside. But I suggest using what has been explained, namely using outside bets because they have been proven to play a lot. And the results are very satisfying to play daftar judi online.

The three Martiangle Formulas

Martiangle is a type of formula that has been proven to be used in playing roulette. This formula is a strategy to double your bet if you lose. If in the previous round you have lost, then what must be done is to raise the bet to a higher level. Like doubling the stake to cover previous losses.

Those are the 3 formulas that you must understand before playing roulette gambling. If you understand all the formulas that I have explained, there will be a great chance of getting a win. Next, you must understand the types of bets that are used to play.

Types Of Betting In Online Roulette Games

The type of bet is very important for you to choose because there are several types of bets that determine big and small wins in the game. As I will explain in full from the following small to large advantages.

Jenis Straight up

The straight up bet type is one that places only one number. For example, if you place on number 10 of 36 numbers and your bet turns out to be correct, then the payout received is 1 in 36.

Stretch type

This type is almost the same as a sports bet, but in street players must place three numbers that are in a row. For example: 4, 5, 6 if your bet is correct, you will get paid 1 in 11.

Type of spiraling up

This type of bet can be done by placing two numbers in a row. For example: 17, 18 if your bet is correct, you will get a payout of 1 in 17.

Type Six lines/ six here

This type of bet can be done by placing 6 numbers in the place you want. Where you only need to put 2 lines on the selected number. If your bet is correct, you will get a payment of 1 in 5.

Corner type

In this type of bet you must place on 4 lined up corners, which later your bet must be placed on these 4 corners. If your bet is correct, you will get a payment of 1 in 8.

Colum / column type

This type is very easy, as the name suggests, you only place a bet on one column. The method is very easy, you only need to put chips in the desired column, if the bet is correct, you will get a payment of 1 in 2.

Type Black Red/ black red

In choosing a red black bet is allowed to install in a red or black box. If your bet is correct then you will get a payout of 1 instead of 1.

Type Dozen/ dozen

On this type you only need to install on all the numbers marked dozen or dozen. If your bet is correct then you will get a payout of 1 instead of 2.

After understanding everything that I have explained above, then you must understand the strategy of playing roulette. Strategy is very important for you to understand because strategy or tricks will determine your victory in playing. The following is an explanation of the strategy for playing online roulette.

Strategy for Playing Roulette to Get Victory

As explained above, in playing roulette you must have a strategy to get a win. You must understand it well because in playing strategy you must have special skills in all areas of strategy. As I will explain in full below.

Bet on Numbers 0 is Empty

You should know that the blank value is one of the numbers that is rarely posted by all players. The blank value is one of 36 numbers out of a total of 37.Where the number 0 has a different type of its own, which is green, that’s why try to install it on 0. Although it is rare for people to install it, it must be known that computer systems have an algorithm so that can come up with different numbers.

Choose your bet on numbers

This type of strategy will indeed be a little tricky to play because in a roulette game you have to choose a bet from 37 numbers. For example, there are 0, 17, 23, and 36, so it cannot be denied that choosing them is very difficult. But you can try it after losing successively, so you can try it with numbers that never come out. If you win the bet, the winnings will be doubled, but if you lose I suggest stopping the game.

Attract Victory

Don’t get complacent in the game like, if you have gotten more wins, then I suggest withdrawing the winnings. Don’t let capital mix with victory so that it can make your appetite for play even higher. And it can make you lose big in playing roulette gambling.

Those are the three tricks that you must play in playing online roulette, if you can master everything I have explained. Then it will further increase your victory in playing roulette.

Maybe that’s all I can explain about how to play roulette, hopefully it helps you play. If you are interested in this game, I suggest registering with an official online gambling agent so that it can guide you in playing. Make sure the agent already has an official license so that it can make it safe and comfortable to play it.

Secret Tricks to Win Playing Roulette

Roulette has been known as a sector since casino games are very well known and have many enthusiasts who like to play roulette games to get large and large margins in a short time. even though you have to understand the tricks of how to win playing judi online indonesia against being able to defend the game, there are not a few online gambling branch offices that provide various types of methods that you can find out about being able to get greatness in the game of roulette. The solo roulette game has a variety of winning versions that you can read in my only article that investigates the winning formula for playing roulette. In the knotted link you can learn tips for siding with the game of roulette together using old secrets,

know the secret tricks to Win playing the Latest Roulette

A single roulette game leaves no small profit because the nominal multiplication of the glory you find when you win in estimating for the spin is contained. not a few master players who have deepened the game of roulette continue to look for information sourced from articles provided by various branch offices to win roulette displays. Here are some formula tricks to be willing to favor other crack roulette games such as:

1. play using the Martingale system

Martingale is a theory in probability management which has roughly the same moral value for a certain period or season at the beginning by using the principle of multiplying. This system is not infrequently used by some players who have quite a lot of provisions, because indeed this is an investment game that makes a lot of money with a lot of provisions. if you really are one of the players who have a lot of provisions, then you can use this method to get enormous and many victories.

Here you can give a sample for the secret of the Martingale system, such as you have to prepare bets for odd with 1000 installations after the round has ended, in fact the ones that come out are even in the next round you can put a nominal amount twice, forgetting the start of the bet at the beginning that you have already placed then you have to hold 2000 if you are defeated when you choose, then in the next round you can add the middle pair bet to 4000. You can take advantage of this method until you gain glory. Here you have to understand that in the end what you will always get is the same as 1000 every time you defend a game. “This trick is commonly used in installations that have 1: 1 odds such as complete eccentric, red and black, or 1-18 and 19-36”

2. Using system 2 Taken 30 Number

You can carry out the purchase of 30 digits together with the trick to divide by 2 spaces. You have to run the installation for 1 round by shopping for small numbers (1st) such as 1-18 as big as 3000 and 1 pair and you can prepare for the biggest numbers (3rd) 25-36 with a 2000 bet.The calculation is that you carry out bets for small numbers as large as 3000 will win and the bet for your grand number kneels 2000 (you are counting to defend 1000). But if the ball ends for a big number then the bet that you place as large as 3000 will be defeated and the placing of the big number will win 4000 (you can say that you won 1000).

You have to remember that using this system you have to be careful because your percentage of glories surpasses 70% because it really really needs the focus you use to see where the roulette ball will stop.



Online Roulette Formulas, Roulette number methods and formulas, How to play roulette in order to win – Playing online gambling or betting online via the Internet has played a very important role at this time. Not only looking for websites that we want to join, but also what we want to learn. By typing a few words that you want to know in a search engine like Google, you will see a lot of articles or websites that provide online game bets such as Baccarat, Online Roulette, Sicbo and Blackjack.

In this article, we will discuss Tips on How to Solve the Formula to Play Roulette Online. If you want to get a lot of wins in the game of Roulette, there are a few tips, secret tricks and roulette formulas that you must learn first. It doesn’t really use a specific strategy but you just need a deep understanding of the game and the ethics that you must have if you have decided to play this Roulette Bet.

Using understanding and being able to maintain emotions when playing roulette gambling, of course it is a big advantage for you if you can keep your emotions when playing roulette online. There are still many things and roulette formulas that you can try and it’s so simple to run when playing this roulette gambling game.

One thing you have to remember is “Budget” or “Capital” Playing bakarat online that you have plays a very important role if you want to win on the game of Roulette. For the game of Roulette, you must be smart in choosing and reading the history of the stakes so that the capital you have does not run out in vain. Because for the Roulette game the win is 50:50 to win or lose. You not only have to be ready to win but you have to be ready if you lose later too. For that you have to be very prepared if you want to try this Roulette Betting. You will really enjoy this game, win or lose later.

If you have read the article and are sure to start playing real money online roulette, you can directly contact us Online Casino Betting Games to create an online roulette gambling account. Here you will start a new fortune to add to your coffers of money in a fast time. You can use the list column above to register for the Online Casino Betting Games.

Tricks to Win Roulette Part I:

This trick or formula for playing online roulette is very, very easy to understand and very simple too. You have to stick to one of the Tricks that we will provide the following:

  • Black and Red
  • Even and Odd
  • 1-19 and 19-36

The way to practice the right formula for playing roulette is very easy. The point is if your bet loses then place it 2 times the amount you previously placed.


  • You place a bet of IDR 50,000 for Red
  • Result: Black / Black (Your loss is IDR 50,000)
  • Then you place a bet again with IDR 100,000 for Red again
  • Result: Black / Black again (Your current loss is IDR 150,000)

Then you place a bet again with IDR 200,000 for Red again

  • Result: Black / Black again (Your current loss is Rp.400,000, – for Red again (do the same thing until Red appears)
  • Result: Red (And you win IDR 400,000)

And you win back all your previous Capital.

Tricks to Win Roulette Part II:

Even though it sounds very simple and effective, there is a slight problem with this part I trick: Some casino agents will not let you play using such a technique, for this you must also use Tricks or other online roulette winning formulas and combinations.

For that you also have to need a little more capital to win on this Online Roulette Bet. But this will be proportional to the number of your wins later which will be very large too,

One method or How to Play Roulette on Sbobet is that you need to keep an eye on the last 4 numbers and wait for 3 repetitions of the same type of number (for example, Black / Red, Even / Odd or 1-18 / 19-36) in every four rounds.

  • Example I: The last four numbers are: 20, 3, 18 and 7.
  • You have 3 repetitions of numbers from “1-18 ″, so that is for numbers” 19-36 “using method I
  • Example 2: The last four numbers are 20, 10, 8 and 30.

You have 4 repetitions of “Even”, so your bet is “Odd” using Method I.

When you win 3 to 4 times, immediately stop playing from your table and move to another table so that your trick will not be detected.

Tricks to Win Roulette Part III:

This is a Statistical Method Technique:

Number of groups 01 positive numbers: 02, 03, 04, 05, 12, 14, 15, 17, 18, 21, 25, 27, 36, 00.

Tricks to Win Roulette Part IV:

It is also a Statistical Methods Technique:

Positive numbers # 01 are mostly the following: 12, 03, 17, 18, 21, 36, and 00.

Tricks to Win Roulette Part V:

This is also a technique for playing online roulette with other statistical methods:

Another term is “Waiting and Hunting”: 5, 14, 18, 20, 24, 30, 35

Choose number 4 numbers from the group of numbers above.

Place a bet on the same number until the number comes out with a maximum of 8 turns.

After 8 turns, end this hunting cycle.

How ? It’s easy, isn’t it the Tricks and Tips for Online Roulette Formulas that we provided above? If you have problems or questions about how to register or other questions about Roulette, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Service who will always be ready to serve you 24 hours.

For those of you who don’t have a Gambling Account or register for online Roulette, then register yourself now with us Online Casino Betting Games and get the attractive Bonus Promos that we have.

Thank you and Happy Playing.


How to win playing real money online roulette for beginners

Roulette is one of the well-known games in casino gambling at first. However, after the presence of online sites, roulette betting is more famous, because it is believed to be able to easily get a win. So that’s why the game of roulette is often called an online casino game. In online casinos there are several types of games such as Sic bo, Baccarat, Dragon tiger and the main one is roulette.

The way to play roulette is relatively simple, because it only uses a small rotating wheel and a ball to play it. But of course those of you who have just joined will have a little trouble getting a win, of course it’s different from those who are already reliable. But for those of you beginners, don’t worry because I am here to share the complete winning tricks of playing roulette.

But before I explain tricks or strategies to get a win, you have to understand the basic steps first. Such as: How to play Play formulas, bet types, and strategies to get a win.

How to play roulette properly and correctly for beginners

In the basic steps of the game of roulette, you must understand how to play properly and correctly that can help you win. How to play roulette is actually very easy because it only uses a small wheel and the ball will be thrown by the dealer. And your goal is only to guess what number the ball will stop at. As I will explain in full about how to play cara daftar casino online below.

The first step in how to play roulette is that the dealer or dealer will spin a small wheel which has different numbers inside the wheel. Such as: From blank 0 to 36 the explanation of the numbers listed on the wheel 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 , 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36.Then the dealer will throw the ball in the opposite direction, on the surface of the wheel tilted until it surrounds the figure.

Basically you just guess and choose the number that the ball will occupy. In the game of roulette you need to have good guessing or filing skills in playing. In order to zoom in to get a win. But that’s not all you have to know in the game of roulette. Because you have to know about how to determine game wins like the following.

Actually it is very easy to determine victory, where how to determine victory you only need to see what is right or wrong that is guessed. For example, if you put up at number 25 and it turns out that the ball stops at number 25 then the victory will be won. On the other hand, if you place it at 25 but the ball stops at 15 then you will lose.

It is very easy not to determine victory and play roulette. So after you understand how to play roulette, then you have to understand the playing formula as I will explain below.

The Most Trusted Online Casino Game Guide

Casino seems familiar to some betting fans, especially online gambling betting, where casinos were only known in mainland Europe, there first existed the world of online casino gambling. Most people like online casino games where many games can be played.

Here is the list of online casino games:

1. Poker

Poker is a game that uses 5 cards in hand. Ranks from lowest to top are high card, pair, pair two, three variety, straight, flush, full house, from four models, straight flush and get a royal flush. The player with the best grip wins. There are many versus poker such as 5-card draw, 5-card stud, Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, Razz, pineapple as well as 7-card stud. This game can be played at Kesukaan Casino. com. also where this online web site is already trusted for the people of Indonesia.

2. Black Jack (21)

Blackjack is a card game that uses Online Poker cards and is played by dealers and players. The dealer deals two cards to each player as well as themselves. The dealer has one card face up and one down. The players then take turns trying to get closer to the number 21 with no more than. Ace is the same for 1 or 11. Face card 10 and face value card number. The cara daftar sbobet casino player calls to hit to get a card, and stands up to end their turn. Players can also double-dial their bets and may only receive one card and finish their turn. If a player has two identical numbered cards, they are able to be dealt. This requires them to double their bet and then get two different cards which make two new hands that they are able to play. After everything the players turn over, the agent proves their card. The last dealer hits when the total is 16 or less as well as standing at 17 as well as higher. Every person who has a hand that beats an agent without having more than 21 wins.

3. Roulette

In roulette, players place their chips on the Casino Passion. com. where do they want to bet. The table is divided into numbers 0-36 and 00 and then additional bets for even-odd, red-black, low 18-high, high / low / middle 12, and first / second / 3rd column. Players can also place their bets on 2, 3, 4 or 5 numbers and are able to cross bets in the additional betting area. The dealer will also cue no more bets. The dealer will also spin the wheel clockwise and then roll the ball counterclockwise. Ground balls in numbered slots on the wheel. All bets that match the same number win.

4. Keno

Keno is a lottery game. Players get cards numbered 1 to 80. Players take 20 numbers and bet. The card is then recorded and the game begins. The caller informs that 20 random numbers were taken. The player attempts to match the number referred to the number to the number they draw. The better the number fits the higher the winnings are paid towards their bet.

5. Baccarat

In Baccarat each player has three choices: player, tie and banker. When all players have placed their bets, the dealer deals a two 2-card hand, it is the banker’s hand while the other is the value of the player’s hand. Hand added. If the number of hands is more than ten, ten is dropped (ie 9 + 5 = 14 = 4). A hand that equals 10 becomes 0 or baccarat. The winning hand will be higher than 2 as well as the winning bet whoever is positioned accordingly.


A Wide Choice of Gambling and Casino Betting Games

Casino Betting Currently, gambling and betting games are very popular in the world, and betting games that are very often played by customers are casino bets. Likewise, the most preferred, casino games also have more than one variant of gambling games that are aimed at providing good service. Games are the most loved games because they are so simple to play and of course attractive. Nowadays casino gambling games can be played live in a betting environment or play through cyberspace such as through professional online gambling websites.

Roullete, Baccarat, Blackjack and Sic bo are some of the most popular games in more than one betting game. Roulette is a game of playing one small ball on a table that has many series of numbers, victory can be found by ensuring the numbers and points that can be dropped on a spinning ball. Baccarat is one of more than one extraordinary games in which you naturally play one card with different players and then distribute the bets.

Some of the numbers needed in the game are 9 or numbers that are close to that number. Different from that, there are still Sic Bo games, where these games are more than one game that has been old like the Chinese people playing it, still using bowls and dice. In that game, you are obliged to guess the point through the dice that is thrown in this bowl, at this time Sic Bo is also included in the casino gambling game whose popularity has been worldwide.

Determine the gambling games and bets that you enjoy doing the most and of course you will master them which will later make you win in one bet. Try playing bandar casino online terpercaya bets via online cell phones by visiting online gambling sites that are usually prepared. This kind of thing makes betting games work and really effective because you don’t need to come to a gambling arena that is far away from your home.

Trusted online casino articles and guides

Online Casino Betting Games. – Online Casino is entertainment that must be visited if the player is an admirer of games that drive adrenaline, this entertainment is entertainment that is really exciting and entertains some players who play at online casino gambling stations, all of which are presented by this online casino gambling website for several Online players feel like professional players and professional gambling lovers, there are really many who review online casino gambling which is prepared for several online gambling players. if the player who plays casino gambling wins and they feel like it, therefore the dealer from online casino gambling also gets a lot of benefits, as long as the player likes and likes to be the dealer will also feel the same way.

that is, one of the casino bookies that has been recognized by many admirers of online casino and bettor, online casino gambling players have learned many lessons from the articles provided by online casino gambling, with that they have been able to become one of the casino gamblers who are experts in gambling. selection of a bookie website that can be recognized, even so gambling is still gambling, of course there is win there is loss,

have become a casino bookie as well as a variety of other truly recognized online gambling that once existed, by paying absolutely fantastic attention to every customer who plays on the Pasarcash website and making our website famous and making it right -truly famous, the entertainment is also interesting and doesn’t make some online gambling lovers bored, because this game can be famous in Europe and become the largest site in Asia, this is a good provision for the future of gambling in Indonesia both casinos and other online gambling,

You can even enjoy live casino features that foster and make you feel like a career in a casino to be honest, live casinos do some of the same things as real casinos, and in Live casinos there are various types of gambling that can be displayed, for example there are Poker, Blackjack, Baccaratt , Sic Bo and Roulette are all games that you can play easily without having to go to the casino, immediately here you can feel the same thing and there are no frauds along the way.

Let’s join together with us and please register yourself to our site which we have prepared in each of the listed columns that we have given the name of our site, it’s really a shame if you don’t have time to play this really exciting game, we can wait for your presence happily,

Many new players who have registered in and that make it a good risk to choose this online casino gambling band, that is the way to attract attention by increasing services and always updating online casino entertainment that each member plays by providing quality games. This high and very interesting makes some gambling players the best and most proficient players. The vision and mission has been seen since the beginning, which is to want to provide services that are really a lot and the best, it has provided many advantages and games for players of all online casino gambling.


Playing Roulette Online Casino Using a Smartphone

In essence, playing roulette online is the most practical step for playing online gambling. However, being able to play roulette gambling games via Android is more practical than playing roulette only via PC.

Because, for example, first, some players have to be in front of a PC monitor in order to play roulette, currently some players don’t have to do that again. Because now some players can play this game with just a few Android players.

Of course, by playing the roulette gambling game via Android, this kind of thing makes it easier for some players to start this challenging game. Because, not only at home, by playing via Android, it can result in you being able to play wherever and whenever you want. Whether it’s at home, on the street, in a café, and in any room when you want it. That way, the playing system is then more supported.

However, with all the benefits, how do you play the real roulette gambling game via Android? Because, even though it comes out easy, in fact there are also some players who are not clear about how to play roulette gambling with their Androids.

So coming from that, on this occasion we can share about a few steps for playing judi rolet uang asli the roulette game via Android, on a different one. Immediately you register yourself in the roulette gambling room that you are most sure of first. That way, you can get an account with a password which you can later use to log into your roulette gambling room.

Playing Roulette Online Casino Using a Smartphone

After that, after you have an account at the roulette gambling room, so you just have to download the roulette game that comes from the Android you have it. After you download it, you immediately install the game on your Android, and immediately login to the game with the username along with the password you have.

From here, when you experience defeat in playing the roulette gambling game via Android, so just choose the same color as the color you specified first. However, for this second bet, you should increase the value of your bet a little from the start. Until, if you manage to win, you can get a much bigger profit to cover your losses.

For players who are already professional in playing roulette gambling games via Android, of course they couldn’t have liked to play roulette just by guessing the color of the wheels.

So coming from that, for players who need more chaos, just as soon as possible raise the level of chaos in the game to make the game of roulette even more challenging. So, some players can feel the sensation coming from playing the roulette.


Player Banker Games On Online Casino Sites

Online Casino Betting Games. – Online gambling games on the internet are too various. There is such a thing as a player banker and other meanings. Below will be disclosed a list of player banker card gambling games that can be a benchmark for players so that they are not correct in interpreting the meaning of one meaning in online gambling.

player banker is a head to head game. There are at least three games that are counted in the banker player card gambling, one of which is baccarat, blacjack and dragon tiger.

The three games after that can be classified as having a head to head type of game or a bettor who acts as a banker. So that not only online agents or casinos will be opposed by the bettor but fellow online gambling players. All of that developed according to the desire of several bettors around the world.

Games that do not yet exist in the real world have now spread to all online casinos on the internet. so bettor does not have to worry about this kind of thing because it has indeed been running on the internet and is predicted to always develop in line with the changing times.

If the type of gambling game on the internet can be grouped after that:

table games, head to head or cara bermain roulette player banker and player to machine.

From the name alone, the table game is playing gambling using a table that will be guided by a dealer who comes from an online casino. while player to machine is a game that will fight one machine. This game model is at least in demand by bettors and prefers player banker games.

Any List of Player Banker Card Gambling Games

After knowing about more than one type of online gambling game, the question is what counts in the banker player card gambling. Bettor must understand it and always get relief in playing.

Below is a list of player banker card gambling games that will result in the bettor being at home too long at the online casino:


The baccarat game has been a gambling game for too long. Often played off line, it was developed by online application makers to be played online on the internet. games that use playing cards will both compete between players to get a total number of 9 cards and will fight other bettor cards. The player with the card number 9 will win the game.


Blackjack gambling is a game that uses playing cards. Initially, each player is given two cards and the top value is 21. The player has the right to raise the card but if the score is more than 21 he will lose.

Dragon tiger

Dragon and tiger card games are constantly using playing cards. But the player will only guess the dragon or tiger or up and down according to the card that will be issued by the dealer.

So far you have fit into the best online gambling agent. Lots of player banker games that can be played here. Bettors just need to congregate and then win the games provided and then have to make the bettor the winner. Every action that has been taken at the best bus gambling agent has a bettor to achieve success in each gambling game on the internet.

By exploring the list of player banker card gambling games, the bettor will understand the various types of games. Indeed, it is only deepening the meaning but at least it will give a broad mind so that you will not be easily fooled by various incorrect information on the internet. immediately get together and win all the games.

Play Trusted Online Casino Gambling With Smartphones

Online Casino Betting Games. – Playing gambling at a trusted online casino is no stranger to the current era, where gambling games can only be played secretly because this game has not received official permission from the Indonesian government. now you can play with online. Only with a set of computers and an internet connection so you can play this gambling bet without the need to worry about law violations and sudden raids carried out by the government. So for those of you who are already proficient in surfing in the world of the internet, of course you already know that this is one of the ways to use the internet to increase income or just a couple of snacks for yourself.

After penetrating into the world of the internet, now the era has become more advanced until now, it is an era where elementary school children can also have smartphones based on Android, so they are not left behind by gambling games that exist today, not only by using computers, you can play the game you love most, but now you can play this game using the smartphone you love the most.

Play Trusted Online Casino Gambling With Smartphones

Many of the websites or online casino agents provide websites or applications that you can download to make it easier for yourself to play this game. However, many bettors are still confused about how to play this game using their smartphones. In essence, you play agen casino terpercaya using a computer or by using a smartphone, it makes no difference, it’s only possible that if you want to use a smartphone to play, you need to download the application first from this game, so it will also be a bit of a hassle compared to playing immediately using your computer. where when playing using a computer you can immediately visit the game link and immediately make a deposit to be able to play.

If you are still confused about how to download, so you can visit your online casino gambling agent website and then ask for an alternative link that can be used by you to download the application. Usually, to request this alternative link, you can immediately contact Customer Service via Live chat or via other social media provided by the agent.

Trusted Online Casino Agent – If you want to try this game on your smartphone, you can try visiting Online Casino Gambling Sites where online casino gambling agents provide games that you can play via your smartphone. This website also offers a deposit that is quite affordable for those of you who just want to try betting just to get rid of boredom. Alternative banks for carrying out deposit and withdrawal procedures are also quite complete, starting from the largest banks in Indonesia such as BCA, BRI, and Mandiri to OCBC banks, we also prepare panin for you to implement this Witdraw deposit system. The Casino website also has complete online casino gambling agent games,


The Formula to Guess Online Roulette Numbers to Win Big

Online Casino Betting Games. – At this time we will also explain the Guide and Tricks about the Playing Formulas to Reach Online Roulette Winning to gamble on the Best Online Roulette Gambling Website 2017. Due to the fact that many of our players have asked for the formula to play Roulette to win. Today, I become the Admin and will also give tips for you about the Formula to Guess the Right Roulette Number In fact, there are tricks like many people who successfully apply it correctly and on average they all succeed and get satisfying results from gambling Roulette. Today we will also explain all the secrets of tricks in a simple way, not with the previous spell playing gambling or memorizing before starting to play Roulette in order to win.

The Formula to Guess the Right Number of Online Roulette to Win Big

Previously, you started using this best formula and for those of you who don’t yet have an ID to play roulette gambling at NagaJuara, please register first via the REGISTER / REGISTER link. So that later you can immediately try this powerful trick to win Roulette. For the prerequisites so that you can start playing casino online, namely with a deposit of only Rp. 100.00, – so your initial capital to play Roulette before applying this formula.

You have to keep in mind that this is only one trick of the most recent Roulette Guess the Number Formula for 2017, no need to download applications / software or anything else. Especially if you just download something from the Internet when you successfully install it on your computer, chances are that you will only get a virus and then your computer will also become a victim of ignorance by irresponsible people. For things like this, we don’t have time to recommend downloading the winning cheat for online roulette gambling so that you can score a win.

Let’s see the Guide and Trick of How to Win Online Roulette:

  • Determine your bet type in the Online Roulette Gambling game that you want to play.
  • Black serta Red
  • Even and Odd
  • 1 – 18 and 19-36

Practice Tricks to Guess the Right Numbers Online Roulette:

By using the combined method by keeping an eye on the last 4 numbers and also waiting for you 3 times.

Please start your initial bet (it’s up to you to place how many bets you want to make, if you get a minimum of IDR 20,000, -) and place your bet on Red or Black (But here we will also assume you place Red)

Here you always place a bet on the red color like what you did first, fold it 2 x times if the bet you are working on has to lose, use Red continuously until you win the bet.

You have to do it as quickly as possible when you win with Red and move to a different color (Black) and start again the same bet you did first, which is Rp.20,000, –

NB: Don’t double your bet when you win, but just double when you lose!

We will also give other examples of calculating mathematical formulas to win Online Roulette.

You place a bet of IDR 20.000, – use it on RED! The ball will also fall on “BLACK”. (lose) Your
total loss is = IDR 20,000, –

You place a bet of IDR 40.000, – use it on RED! The ball will also fall on “BLACK”. (lose) Your total loss is = IDR 60.000, –

You place a bet of Rp. 80.000, – use it on RED! The ball will also fall on “BLACK”. (lose) Your total loss is = IDR 140,000

You place a bet of Rp. 160.000, – use it on RED! The ball will also fall on “RED”. (win). Your total profit is = IDR 160,000, –

So if your winnings have reached IDR 160,000, – so it will also be subtracted from the total loss (- IDR 140,000) = IDR 20,000.

After you win (in RED), try to work your bet on the 5th bet in ANOTHER color (i.e. BLACK)

Work on the next step…

Admittedly, in fact, it is impossible for you to bet 2x (double) a total of nine times in a row just to lose !!!.

Guide from the theory in the most recent online roulette number guessing formula 2017 above

Basically, in playing gambling in any game, don’t give up quickly and be very pessimistic. Don’t stop on the road when you try this game.

If you have been lucky and won a lot, it is all up to you whether you want to continue or stop playing. But here we as Trusted Casino Gambling Agents 2017 always advise all members to know when to start playing and know when to stop playing.

Strive when you place a bet to leave all the problems that might also come to you like playing and someone calling you. With this, of course, it will also really interfere with your concentration while playing.

Always prepare enough capital for you, to ensure that you don’t lose the capital you want to bet on.
Every player sometimes really needs luck or a good feeling. If you are still in doubt. Immediately leave the game.

That was our first study article regarding the Formula to Guess the Right Number for Online Roulette to Win Big. If there are things you still don’t know or want to register to play online roulette gambling with real money, please just click the REGISTER link or contact our Customer Services so you get immediate service.


Uncovering the Secret Trick How to get Win on the Roulette Machine

You have never heard of the name Casino Online, you must have … Yup that’s right, a place where people get wealthy quickly and also a place where people get poorer much faster.
But forget the unlucky people, let’s have a look at the great people who can get wealth through casinos.

People say only casino bookies can make a profit. Others must be lucky. Is that right ?! The answer is definitely no. Try to think everywhere business always goes both ways, if it’s only one direction it will definitely not last, right. Casino too, Remember the turnover of money at Casino in 2009 reached 900 billion dollars, that means this is good business, it means it is a healthy business. Obviously there are people who can win at the casino, even though there are more who lose, but still there are those who win !!.

I always win Rp. 100,000 to Rp. 300,000 per day with a capital of only Rp. 200,000 – How come ?? Of course, I can !! You also CAN if you use the trick I use.

First of all I will explain the rules of the game in Roulette. This game is one of the oldest in the world. There are two types of Roulette that are most famous in the world of Casino, namely:

  1. American Roulette dan
  2. European Roulette atau Classic Roulette.

The two types are in principle the same, the difference lies only in the number 0. If American Roulette has two 0s, namely ‘0’ and ’00’, then European Roulette has only one 0, which is ‘0’. I prefer to play on European Roulette or on many casino sites it is called Classic Roulette.

Let me explain:

Each Roulette has a betting board consisting of 36 Numbers while the betting board is divided into sections with different ‘profit’ values. Pay attention to this because it’s important:

1. Profit Value 1:35 (Straight Up)

You will get 35 times the profit on this bet. This is done if you choose one of the 36 numbers and it turns out. For example, you place a chip bet on the number 13 board, and after you spin (spin) it turns out that the number 13 comes out, then you will get 35 times the value of your chip.

2. Profit Value 1:17 (Split Bet)

You will get 17 times the profit on this bet. This is how you place 1 betting chip on 2 adjacent number boards. For example, you place your chip bet between (in the middle) of the number 1 and 2 boards, and after you spin it turns out that the number 1 or number 2 comes out, then you will get a profit 17 times the value of your chips.

3. Profit Value 1:11 (Street Bet)

You will get 11 times the profit on this bet. This is how you place 1 betting chip on 3 adjacent number boards. For example, you place your chip bet on the number boards 1, 2 and 3.Put your chip in the right center of the line to the left of the number board 1, and after you spin it turns out that Anka 1 or 2 or 3 comes out, you will get 11 times the profit. of your chip value.

4. Profit Value 1: 8 (Corner Bet)

You will get 8 times the profit on this bet. This is how you place 1 betting chip on 4 number boards that form a box. For example, you place your chip bet on the number boards 1, 2 and 4.5. Place your chip in the right middle of the numeral board, and after you spin it turns out that Anka 1 or 2 or 4 and or 5, you will get a profit of 8 times the value of your chips.

5. Profit Value 1: 5 (Line Bet)

You will get 5 times the profit on this bet. This is how you place 1 betting chip on 6 adjacent number boards. For example, you place your chip bet on the number boards 1, 2, 3 and 4, 5, 6. Place your chip in the right middle of the line to the left between the number boards 1 and 4. After you spin it turns out that Anka 1 or 2 or 3 comes out. or 4 or 5 and or 6, you will get a profit of 5 times the value of your chips.

6. Profit Value 1: 2

You will get 2 times the profit on this bet. This is how you place 1 betting chip on the 1st12 or 2nd12 or 3rd12 board. For example, you place your chip bet on the 1st12 board, and after you spin it turns out that the number 1 or up to 12 you will get a profit of 2 times the value of your chips.

7. Profit Value 1: 1

You will get 1 (100%) more profit on this bet. This is how you place 1 betting chip on the Red or Black or Even or Odd or ‘1-18’ or ’19 -36 ‘board. For example, you place your chip bet on the Red board, and after you spin it turns out that the number with a Red background color appears, you will get a profit of 1 fold (100%) of your chip value.

So now you know the value of the benefits you get from this game. Now we take a more serious step, Namely the trick of how you can profit in this game

This trick is quite familiar and old, has been widely used since ancient times to win at roulette. The basic idea is ‘Double your wager immediately after losing a bet’. This means that you multiply the value of your bet when you lose. You can use this trick only in systems that give you a 1: 1 advantage, such as on the ‘Red or Black’, ‘Even or Odds’ or ‘1-18 or 19-36’ boards.


Suppose you place your chip bet on the ‘Red’ board worth Rp.5,000, – after you spin, it turns out that what comes out is a number with the color ‘Balck’, you lose. Place your bet chip again, this time double the value of your first bet, which is Rp. 10,000, – remains on the ‘Red’ board. After you spin, it turns out that what comes out is a number with ‘Red’ color you win. The calculation is that in the first round you lose Rp. 5,000, – in the second round you win Rp. 10,000, – so your total still wins Rp. 5,000, –

Pay attention to the chances of winning with these tips (according to my experience). The first spin your chances of winning are 30%, the second spin is 50% and the third spin is 70% with this trick, the chances of you winning are quite high, reaching 70%. But the possibility of losing is still quite large, which is around 30%.

Do you want a trick that can give you a 98% chance of winning? That means you will relatively be able to win every round of Roulette ?? immediately order ‘Super Secreet Trick’

Important tips that you should pay attention to the following:

Always use the sites I recommend

You must be in good shape (mentally and physically), because it will affect your concentration when playing casino online uang asli.

Control yourself, don’t be greedy.

You must have a good exit strategy. For example: if your capital is Rp. 100,000, – you have to leave when you have won 20% of the capital, this means that when you have won Rp. 20,000, – you have to leave.

If your capital is Rp. 100,000, – my advice, play with a minimum chip value of Rp. 1,000, – unless you use the Super Secreet Trick you can start with a larger chip value, so your profit is also greater.

With the Super Secret Trick, you can get much bigger wins. You can even do an exit strategy (tip No. 4) if you have won 50% -100%. In the Super Secret Trick, I will explain how you can win at least 200% in a day. Guaranteed !!!

So you are ready to make Rupiah from the game of Roulette, you have to try it because it is very fun.

If you like money games like head or tail etc., switch to Roulette which is more believable, more predictable and more profitable.

Remember to always use this trick well, learn it first. I guarantee your victory as long as you use my tricks and tips according to the instructions.


History Game Roulette Casino Online

Who doesn’t know Roulette, a game that uses small wheels and small balls when playing? Roulette has become a familiar game for some bettors in Indonesia or gambling players out there because the origin of this game first came from European soil, namely France, which introduced this game to the world of gambling for the first time. Not many people know that the meaning of roulette in French is a small wheel. This is so closely related to the game of roulette, namely using a wheel to spin the board and a small ball to determine who is the winner. For those who place bets on the correct number such as the ball which will also stop at a specific number so that the player will also win and win the bet money. Even though it is easy to play, this roulette game has its own difficulties because you have to guess the 36 numbers that exist and the many types of bets that exist so that tips and guesses must be both equally strong and support both of them to win bets. How is the history of this roulette game? How did it come from that there are various types of bets that exist in roulette?

History of Judi Roulette

The history of memag is still debated, but there is a lot of speculation that this roulette comes from the country that first played it, France because indeed the name itself comes from French which means small wheel. Many assume that this roulette was first casino deposit pulsa played in the 17th era in France which was first discovered by Blaise Pascal who regulated the form of the game and the existing rules. For the first time he was so interested in moving objects and many believed that Blaise was inspired by a game commonly played by the Romans made of chariot wheels. In its history, this roulette is still included in the middle to upper group of games because almost all aristocrats play this game. In the beginning, it was meant to be a charming wheel game because only the nobles at that time could gamble early. No wonder roulette has become one of the most captivating and exclusive games for some people.

After a while, roulette became one of the most popular games in gambling at that time. The exception is because it is new to this year. 1700s or 1800s, roulette is also one of the games that until now has no equal because from the first time it was created, it has unmatched characteristics. That is why Blaise Pascal is called the brilliant maker in game. It’s no wonder that currently it is still a trend in live casion. Then the roullet is played by the number of people. Not only aristocrats but all the people of France are very interested in playing this game. It’s just that at that time the playback technology was not as good as it is today or not as up-to-date and as safe as it was in the 90s.

The addition of the number 0

Francoise Blanck and Louis were the first to add the number 0 to roulette. They are the younger siblings of Blaise Pascal. They are also not only known as being the first live casino, but they are also marked as a history of adding the number 0 to roulette. At that time the numbers in roulette were only 1-36 but after that there was an added number of 0 which was claimed to reduce the number of losses incurred in this game so that it could attract the attention of some bettors at that time to play at a live casino in Monte Carlo, France. This is an inspiration for those who don’t know how brilliant or really intend to get the mass and players at the live casino that they have founded. After adding the number 0 and a number of 37 numbers in roulette, it becomes th. 1900 eventually the game spreads to the United States which puts the number 00 on the wheel. So as to distinguish which roulette is commonly played and which one is played by Americans, some bettors distinguish between the two names European Roulette and American Roulette.


Guide to playing Indonesian online casino roulette

Online Casino Betting Games.- Indonesian Online Casino Roulette uses standard European Roulette rules that are played live and also the real Roulette table. Click on a chip of the value you want to select it. After that click on the betting area on the table to place the bet. Each click on the betting area adds one chip to the bet. Choose another chip if you want to increase the bet by more value. Clicking the undo button will remove one chip. You can place multiple chips in multiple areas at the same time.

You have a time limit on placing your bet before the game starts. After the game runs and if your bet wins, you will get your winnings. You can skip your turn by not placing bets on the table. When finished placing bets, click the Confirm button.

Guide to playing Indonesian online casino roulette

Game Window:

At the top center of the game window has 3 panels.

In the middle is the video feed from the city. Click on the button in the upper right corner of the panel to close the video feed. Click on the same button to reopen it. To the right and left of the video feed are panels for game information. At the top left of the panel you can see your bet and the number of wins for the last spin you played. You can see the table name and bookie at the top right of the panel. The Info tab shows the server time and the unique game round ID number, as well as the minimum and maximum bet total.

The History tab shows the results of the last round of the game


  • Cancel – Clear the betting table.
  • Undo – Removes the last confirmed chip on the table.
  • Rebate – Place the same bet as the previous bet.
  • Confirmation – Click here if you have placed all your bets to confirm them, without confirming your bets do not count.

The bottom side of the game window consists of:

Current balance

Your account balance. This is the money you can use to play slot deposit pulsa.

Note if there is an error

There is damage resulting in the cancellation of all payments and games.

Disconnected / disconnected from the server

If you are disconnected from the game due to a connection problem, your bets will still be recorded and paid out based on the outcome of the game. You can see the result of the match from the game history.

Game Type:

Straight Up

You can bet on any number, including 0, by placing the chip in the middle of the number. The maximum for this bet is shown on the Roulette table (See the Max sign).

Separate Bet

You can bet on two numbers by placing a chip on the line that divides the two numbers. The maximum bet for this bet is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by two.

Street Betting

To bet on the 3 number line (Street), please place the chip on the line border of the Indonesian Online Casino Roulette table at the end of the correspondent line. The maximum bet for this bet is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by three

Corner Bet

You can bet on four numbers by placing the chip on the corner where the four numbers meet. The maximum for this bet is the maximum Straight Up, multiplied by four.

Bet Four

You can bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, and three by placing the chip on the border of the line, where the lines between 0 and the first row meet each other. The maximum bet for this bet is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by four

Line Bet

You can bet on two street bets (Example: six different numbers in two lines and 3 numbers). By placing your chips on the line boundary of the roulette table where the line is divided into 2 lines meeting. The maximum bet for this wager is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by six

Column Bet

There are 3 boxes labeled “2 to 1” at the bottom of each column of numbers. You can place bets on all numbers in the column by placing chips in one of the boxes. If any of the selected number column is selected then you will be paid 2: 1, 0 for the losing number, the maximum bet for this bet is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by Six.

Bet Dozen

You can bet on groups of 12 numbers by placing chips in one of the three boxes marked “1st 12,” “2nd 12,” or “3rd 12.” If any of the 12 numbers is drawn you will be paid 2: 1, 0 for the losing numbers. The maximum bet for this wager is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by ten

Red / Black, Even / Odd, Low / High bets

You can place a bet in one of the boxes along the left side of the table which covers half of the number on the Indonesian Online Casino roulette table (excluding 0). Each square represents 18 numbers, you can win even (1 to 1) in this bet, 0 for the losing numbers

The maximum bet for this wager is the Straight Up bet maximum, multiplied by ten

Minimum table stakes.

There is a table minimum bet, which means that all your bets combined into one (the total number of your bets) must be equal to at least the table minimum that has been determined on the table (see the min sign).

Zero game

The zero game is the name for the number that approaches blank (0). All numbers in a game of zero cover a large series but are placed differently. The numbers include: 12, 35, 3, 26, 0, 32, 15. The bet is placed on 4 chips of one chip. . Each chip is assigned to each bet separately 0/3, 12/15, 32/35 and 1 chip on the number 26.

  • The chip covers 1 number of Pay Straight Up Rule 35 to 1
  • The chips cover 2 numbers 17 to 1 Separate Betting Rule
  • The chips cover 3 numbers of 11 to 1 Payout Street Betting Rules
  • The chips cover 4 numbers of 8 to 1 Payout Corner Bets
  • The chips cover 6 numbers of the 5 to 1 Pay line Betting Rules
  • The chip covers the 12 Dozen Betting Rules or 2 to 1 Column Betting Rule numbers
  • The chips cover 18 numbers. Red / Black Rule | Even / Odd | Low / High 1 to 1 payout

Note: You can place bets that involve two, three, or even 4 numbers. For example using blank numbers (0), you can place bets on:
1 + 0, 1 + 2 + 0, 2 + 0, 3 + 0, or 1 + 2 + 3 + 0.

That is a little guide on how to play Indonesian online casino roulette, which I explain for those of you who are beginners.
in order to understand the Roulette Online Casino game and be able to win the Roulette Game itself


The World’s Most Successful Roulette Gamblers

Online Casino Betting Games. – Casino game roulette is known because it has a high chance of winning. It is also recognized this sort of thing to have a high popular residential edge. Furthermore, roulette was also found to have a rather high loss rate. While it is easy to become a casino game winner, it is also even easier to lose because the game relies on many times and bows slightly more than different places to live.

There have certainly been, over the years, several people who have all become roulette winners. Many of these just come and go, and their names are still unclear. However, there have been many accomplishments that were previously unknown to roulette, such as winning all the money at the table. Those who have accomplished this as well as those with some sort of exploitation are given celebrity status as well as, often, hostility to their host casino. the lucky slot online terbaik players are as follows:

Let’s start with a popular British man named Joseph Jagger who was nicknamed “The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo”, a title he well deserved. He speculated that a slight mechanical imbalance could bias the wheels and he was right – having hired five employees to record all results at the Monte Carlo Beaux-Arts Casino that year. In 1873, he invented a single wheel of six that favors nine numbers over the other. With this knowledge in mind, he risked his money and won some equal to £ 3,250,000, but it was not without resistance from the casino.

The World’s Most Successful Roulette Gamblers

But “Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo” was different, Charles Wells’ feat no less than Jagger. With £ 4,000 in hand, he gambled on the fairytale Monte Carlo Casino and broke the bank 12 times in 11 hours, becoming a winner of 1,000,000 francs in the month. July, 1891. He then became the winner of about the same amount in three days in the month. November th. the same one. The casino hires a private investigator to find out the Wells’ system, which is nothing more than Martingale plus an absurd amount of luck.

Fast forward to the era and we have Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo in th. 90s. He went for the tough job of finding bias wheels at Casino de Madrid, where he won € 600 each night, as players reported a 15% bias wheel edge giving it. He finished with a million Euros and, like Jaggers, faced more than one counter-attack from home, including serious prosecution.

In the same decade, programmer Chris Boyd took the decision to gamble his $ 220,000 savings but was unsuccessful to find a casino that took that amount. After successfully negotiating with dealer and pit boss Benny Binion Horseshoe Club, he bets all on red in European-style roulette. Luckily, the ball landed on Red 7 and Boyd and then doubled the money.

Recently, Ashley Revell made a really bold bet – she sold everything she had, for $ 135,300, for single-bet roulette. On April 11, 2004, he wagered what his net worth was, plus additional funds from the Blue Square bet, auctions and car boot sales at the Vegas’ Plaza Hotel and Casino. There, he managed to double his money, thanked the dealer for generous guidance, and left to find UTD Poker, an online poker company.

Some of the people described above are examples of the fact that you can win big at roulette. However, think of this as such a rare event, and it’s not the idea to give your all in the game. After all, roulette is still a game of chance, where more than one is just a perverted hobby who always follows the development of Roulette and some even read every guide on how to play casino games such as the Fantan Live Casino Online Guide. What many people are interested in is to know more about how to play all online casino games


Steps To Play Roulette To Continue Winning Every Day

How are the secret tactics of how to play roulette at the most trusted online casino agent Permainan Taruhan Casino Online and that is different from the trick tactics that existed at first, so we research them together. The online roulette gambling game has been truly recognized as a casino gambling game at the most trusted online casino agent Permainan Taruhan Casino Online which can make someone rich in fast time if you know exactly how to play roulette on a casino gambling website you can trust.

Steps to Play Roulette to Win Every Day

There are actually many times versus guides and tricks on how to win at the online Roulette gambling game at Permainan Taruhan Casino Online’s most trusted online casino agent, because it can be said that at the time of this article we will review how to play sicbo online on the most trusted online casino agent site Permainan Taruhan Casino Online in order to win again. Simple tactics for playing roulette at casino gambling agents with secret systems and combinations:

Pola Martingale

The first tactic of how to play roulette at the most trusted online casino agent Permainan Taruhan Casino Online with the martingale pattern is one way of managing probability which has the meaning of having a similar value at a special time or time at first with the benefit of the duplicating concept.

This pattern is usually played by people who have sufficiently large and strong capital, because this is a balanced pattern, which means that this game involves investing a lot or a large amount of capital and can generate large profits, now for those of you who have the opportunity or the opportunity to have the capital to play at Permainan Taruhan Casino Online’s most trusted online casino agent is quite large because of that you are convinced you can win a lot in this way.

Let us try to use an example

If you are going to place a bet on an odd number with a value of 100, therefore after the table stops rotating and in fact what comes out is an even number, therefore at the time of the second turn you increase or double the bet online casino agent most trusted your Permainan Taruhan Casino Online so 2x is so 200. But if what comes out is even back again or means you lose, then do the same thing back again is you put the odd number back and work on the bet by multiplying the number to 400.

Do this system always until you get a win, so you are sure to get back all your playing capital at the most trusted online casino agent Permainan Taruhan Casino Online who has lost and gets a win of 100 every time you win and in whatever turnover you will be sure to win.

The tactic of how to play roulette on the most trusted online casino agent site Permainan Taruhan Casino Online needs to be done recording every action that you will do and have gone through so that you have a basis for the next game you will do, with that you can do predictions or calculations that are more mature and fitting in considering the ball that will stop in a special way.

If in the game you see the ball stop frequently on the left side, so you follow it by placing it next to the left side, but if the ball stops in the opposite direction because of that you see first, don’t place it quickly. Below are some of the latest technical tactics on how to play roulette at the biggest casino agent that you can use, hopefully luck is always on your side, that’s how this helpful article is for you and see you in other useful articles.