Indeed, as beginners sometimes we are confused to distinguish which agents are genuine and fake. Don’t worry, here we have listed some of the characteristics of fake or fraudulent betting sites:

1. Using a Free Domain
Pay attention to the site address, if they use a free domain like blogspot for example, then it could be a fake agent. Because it is certain that the official betting site uses a premium domain.

2. A little information and review
Unlike trusted soccer betting agent sites , fake betting websites link alternatif ibcbet have very little information on the internet or reviews from other players.

3. Don’t Have CS 24 Hours
Try occasionally contacting the agent at midnight, if they always respond quickly at any time then it is an official soccer gambling site . Vice versa.

4. Payments are not transparent
Pay attention to the payment transaction service section, both deposits and withdrawals. If it tends to be convoluted, there are few banks, then you can just look for other sites.

Advantages of Betting on Official Soccer Gambling Sites
Not without reason why you should bet on official soccer betting sites. Playing at an official agent, you can feel various advantages, especially in terms of security and a fairplay betting system .

Official gambling agents are under the supervision of international gambling organizations which ensure that their betting services are genuine and reliable. So that the money you bet is not in vain and you can get a win easily.

In addition, official betting agents also provide complete markets and types of bets. Such as Handicap, Over Under, Odd Even, 1 x 2, Correct Score, Mix Parlay and so on to provide choices for players.

The market is not only from big league matches, but also opens small leagues which are usually the target of players to make accurate predictions. Are you sure you still want to bet on a site that isn’t credible?

Not to mention the bonuses that can be obtained through the best soccer gambling site services . Not only old players get the benefits, but also new players can get a welcome bonus from official agents.

Therefore, from the explanation above, we can conclude that betting on trusted sites is a must. For prospective new players, consider the criteria for the official soccer gambling site before deciding to bet online.

Characteristics of Fraudulent Online Gambling Agents