Another beginner’s online soccer betting guide is to understand the terms. There are several terms of online soccer gambling that you should know what they function. The following is an explanation of the menus on the sportsbook website:

My Bets: the menu used to view the bet amount. You can click this menu to find out what bets are being placed.
Statement: this menu is to find out the list of betting players that have been completed so that you can see which pairs won or lost. This menu also displays the last 7 days of transaction history.
Balance: this menu provides information on the number of wins and losses of players daftar judi online since the first time betting until now.
Announcements: this menu displays announcements of cancellations of player bets for matches that may be hampered, such as due to weather, technical or other problems that cause the match to not run properly.
In addition to knowing the menus, how to play other online soccer gambling , you also have to understand the terms that are often used on the site. Here are some of them:

ODDS: the value displayed on the game screen as a reference for calculating the number of player wins. This value is also often used by bettors to read predictions correctly.
Home (H): term used to refer to the home team
Away (A): the term used to refer to the visitors or arrivals
Half Time (HT): betting on the first half of a football match only, which is 1 x 45 minutes
Full Time (FT): bet for the full half or until the end of the match, 90 minutes

Explanation of Menu and Terms on Online Gambling Sites