Welcome to the Slot189 Site which is the Best, Trusted, and Biggest Gacor Slot Gambling Site in Indonesia. This time we will inform all members of online slot gambling that now there are various kinds of bonuses and rewards that can be enjoyed by all online slot gambling players on the Slot189 Site, namely the Koi Gate Habanero Slot Event .

We will inform you all the players what are the terms and conditions that apply to be able to enjoy the various bonuses and prizes of the Koi Gate Habanero judi slot Event available on our Site.

Terms and Conditions Applicable at Slot189:
For members who have claimed or taken the Promo Bonus, they will not be able to participate in this event.
Koi claims that have appeared 2 must be adjacent/in a row, cannot be separated
Required Screenshot of Winnings or Winning History, If you don’t submit or your history sinks, then the bonus will not be disbursed
The Habanero Koi Gate Slot Event Bonus can be claimed 3x in 1 day and Reset Event at 12 WIB
Bonus will be canceled if there is an indication of fraud
Terms and Conditions Applicable, and cannot be contested

Stake 1.800 – 4.500 => 30.000
Stake 9.000 – 18.000 => 60.000
Stake 45.000 – 90.000 => 250.000
Stake 180.000 +++ => 750.000

Stake 1.800 – 4.500 => 60.000
Stake 9.000 – 18.000 => 200.000
Stake 45.000 – 90.000 => 600.000
Stake 180.000 +++ => 000

Let’s online Slot Members immediately invite your friends to join us at slot189 to get a bonus promo for the habanero koi gate slot event and look forward to other exciting prizes and fun from us!! and we will always prioritize your safety and comfort when playing at Slot189.

Hadiah Promo Event Slot Koi Gate Habanero