Casino is a gambling place where bookies and gambling players meet to make real money betting transactions through a card game or dice and slot machines. Several developed countries in various parts of the world have also built a casino. In the casino, there are a variety of card and dice gambling games and slot machines and can be selected according to the tastes of each player. At first, indeed, casino games could only be played at casino gambling houses or playing in a place where players and dealers face each other in playing. Realizing this, then along with the development of the technological era, casino games can be played online until now.
However, do many know how the casino has developed from time to time until today? To find out the story, we will discuss the following Casino History.

Casino History

Casino gambling games have been a game that has existed since time immemorial and according to some historians say that casino gambling has been around since the 19th century. However, for the first time it is said that gambling games situs sicbo online itself had appeared hundreds of years earlier. It is known that casino gambling has existed since ancient Egypt which spread to Italy in the mid-century until the release of other types of gambling games. In ancient times, the Egyptians built a special gambling place that had a large stage where nobles could gather together to enjoy the entertainment that gambling games had provided. In fact, this place is also often used as a place for festival celebration parties where everyone can have fun partying, getting drunk and playing gambling.

The results of the research of a group of observers say that this tradition was carried over to the European continent in 1638 and at that time Venice built the first gambling house in Europe named Ridotto where the place will only be open during the carnival festive season. Entering 1770, the Venice government closed the gambling place again on the grounds that gambling could make Venice’s nobles fall into poverty. Meanwhile in the United States, their Casino House is referred to as Saloons, which was famous in the era of the cowboys who ruled at that time as a gathering place or meeting point for residents of 4 United States Cities namely San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans and St. Louis.

At that time, Saloons became a meeting place for new people and new friends to drink and of course became a gambling place, which in fact experienced the same thing as in Ridotto in the early 20th century. The aim was to close all gambling establishments at the same time at which time social reform was taking place. Until 1931, gambling establishments could be reopened and legalized, which at that time was the beginning of the birth of the casino that we know today.

With us, as Indonesian citizens, who in this current generation of course have never seen a casino in our country due to a gambling ban, but if we look back before entering 1980 the Indonesian government had allowed the existence of a casino which at that time was the first casino in Indonesia. Indonesia was located in Jakarta with the leadership at that time was Ali Sadikin who in the end also had to be closed because there were many casinos that moved secretly or opened illegally which irritated the Indonesian government and through the Indonesian Police all acted quickly by closing all these illegal casino gambling , until the 1945 Constitution was also born which prohibits gambling in Indonesia.

The Beginning of Online Casino Presence

Many countries have banned casinos because they think that gambling can have a very bad influence on social life. With this prohibition, casino owners have to think about how to run their business without having to open a casino house. So the idea emerged, namely playing online casinos, which are also known as virtual casinos or internet casinos, which are online versions of existing traditional casinos. Online casinos require gamblers to place bets via the internet.

In 1994, a company called Microgaming claimed that they were the first company in the world to offer online casino services with real money bets. At the same time, a Cryptologic company also claimed the same thing where this company is also engaged in the online casino site, one of the first online casino game provider sites and still survives to this day. Microgaming and Cryptologic are two companies that had a big influence at the start of running an online gambling business, especially for online casino gambling games. Both play an important role in the development of technology which is needed to run every type of online gambling game as well as a financial transaction system for gamblers.

The development of online casino gambling is indeed quite fantastic where in Indonesia itself it is recorded that it can reach tens of thousands and even millions of players who like to place bets on this online casino gambling. In the history of development in Indonesia, online casino gambling has been recorded to be dominated by players who are over 30 on average and each player spends up to 5 hours playing time per day. Along with the development of world technology from time to time, the world of online casino gambling also continues to grow and there are more and more other types of online gambling games that can be played and more and more fans.

History and Advantages of Casino Games