Betting on sports has become more popular in recent years. In the past you had to know the bookie which was the name for people who made illegal bets. You can usually find them in almost every city in every state in America. Since most people now have at least 1 internet connected computer in their homes, online legal betting has almost become the norm in places like  and it is harder to find bookies. What has become the most common for sports betting has become a collection of offices.

Office pool is a form of sports betting in QQ Online where several people in the office put a certain amount of money into a pot, the amount depends on the agreed amount per box, how many boxes each person wants to take and the total people involved.

The person starting the pool will usually come up to everyone and ask if they want to buy a box. You don’t get to pick the box you get in most office pools. The person who creates the pool will put the names of the teams on paper or it can be done on a computer. One team gets a vertical side and one team gets a horizontal side.
Then they’ll put a score next to each column and row in no particular order, so now you have multiple rows and columns. When you’re done, what you have looks like a chart. Then they will randomly enter the name of the person who bought the box.

Now each name corresponds to 2 teams and scores for both teams and what they do usually at the end of each quarter or time period depending on the sport you are betting on, they will see the pool and name of whoever matches the score. at that time won some money. For example in football usually the person who wins in the first and third quarter will get a small amount, the person who wins in the first half gets the bigger amount and the winner in the end gets the biggest percentage. There is also a bonus for winning 2 quarters.

How to Make an Office Pool