Hercules and Pegasus is an online slot game with 3 lines and 5 reels, with 20 paylines that can give you a win of 2 thousand times using a small capital. The return value to players is set at 96.5%, and volatility is considered high.

Zeus Online Slot Games sends his son lots of prizes (contribution symbols) to ensure you have plenty of chances to win big.

Gifts sent by the king of several Gods In the Online Slot Game Hercules And Pegasus

  • Hercules and Pegasus Online Slot Symbols – Pay 20x for 5 on payline
  • Parthenon Online Slot Symbol – Pay 15x for 5 on payline
  • Harp and Vase Online Slot Symbol – Pay 10x for 5 on payline
  • Aces and Kings Online Slot Symbol – Pay 5x for 5 on payline
  • Queen, Jack and 10 card Online Slot symbols – Pay 2.5x for 5 cards on the payline

The Red and Blue Bottles play a big role throughout the Free Play Feature. They always give you the win. Zeus was eager to explore Hercules, and Zeus changed his coat of arms to himself (The Coat of Arms of Zeus). This symbol can change into anything, just like Zeus who can change shape and explore the Earth.

Another important symbol on slot online is the Wild Coat. 3 types of Wild Coat of Arms: one that visualizes Hercules and Pegasus side by side, one with Hercules only and the last one with Pegasus only.

These symbols can be replaced with anything else, except the Bonus Symbols. All Wild Symbols can land on any reel. As a special gift from Zeus, the coat of arms of Hercules and Pegasus has a huge advantage: it pays 25x for 5 on the payline.

The symbol that Zeus often hides from Hera is the Bonus symbol. These master symbols are Bonus Gold, Bonus Hercules and Bonus Pegasus. These 3 powerful symbols can change fate when they trigger 1 of the 3 Free Spins Feature.

Hercules did a bit of brainstorming with Pegasus and, after a few days of racking his brains, they decided on two features of the god. Hercules explains this is the secret to getting great prizes and we believe him, he is indeed a demigod.

Feature Changer

While playing, Hercules who uses his winged horse can randomly be on any reel. After he disappears, 3 flying scrolls will be in front of you. By selecting the reels, you determine what kind of random features you want to get:

Hercules Wilds : 1/2 of our god kicks the monitor and the Hercules Wild crest increases. Once the initial spin is complete, a Respin spin with a random Wild symbol added to the monitor can be triggered.

Pegasus Wilds : Floats to the right of the monitor while the Wild symbol spreads across the reels. If God is good enough (hopefully), you can get a chance to add 2x the multiplier to your win.

Bolt of Zeus : thick, dark clouds covered the frame and a huge bolt of lightning hit the monitor, as the valiant god was furious. The Zeus Coat of arms is present when lightning strikes and, at the end of the cycle, all of the Zeus Coat of arms switch to another emblem, except for the Wild Pegasus Coat and Bonus Gold.

Free Spins Features

Hercules and Pegasus Online Slots is that they are always together and of them have their own freespins.

Hercules Free Spins : this feature is noticed when the Gold Bonus Symbol lands on reels 1 and 3 and the Hercules Bonus Symbol lands on reel 5. You are awarded an unlimited number of spins. We see Hercules on the right, gracefully looking too far away, with the wind blowing his hair and robes.

In this feature, a red bottle symbol appears on the reels, multiplying more hercules wild symbols to be added. The Red Bottle symbol only appears 5 times. So when the fifth bottle is reached, the feature is complete and you collect all your winnings.

Pegasus Free Spins : now it’s Pegasus’ turn to show off his abilities. This feature is triggered when the Gold Bonus Emblem lands on reels 1 and 3 and the Pegasus Bonus Symbol lands on reel 5. When the feature starts, Pegasus stands happily 2 feet to the left of the monitor

Just like in the Hercules Free Spins Feature, you are given an unlimited number of spins. The current symbol is the Blue Bottle. When you hit reel 5, you get a multiplier that increases with each spin, with the optimal multiplier being 5x. When the fifth Blue Bottle is reached, this feature also ends.

Hercules and Pegasus Free Spins : You can get this feature when Gold Bonus Symbols land on reels 1 and 3 and 2 Hercules and Pegasus Bonus Symbols land on reels 5.

Now we see Hercules on the right, happily watching his winged companion. Pegasus stood on the far left, ready to take his master on his next exploration. 2 heroes reward you with unlimited spins.

In this case, 2 Bottles come and each can increase your winnings. The Red Bottle, upon landing on reel 5, adds more Wild Hercules and Pegasus symbols to the monitor and the Blue Bottle adds a multiplier that increases to 5x. When one of the two bottles is reached for the fifth time, this feature also ends.

How to Play Hercules and The Pegasus Online Slots