Important Guide to Parlay Football Gambling. Online soccer betting is a huge industry, and it’s not going away anytime soon. This includes betting on all types of sports, even video game matches. There are several betting opportunities besides the regular single match bet. This article focuses on discussing parlay betting, a popular type of bet with greater risk but much greater rewards as well.

Parlay bets are a fairly popular type of soccer bet among sbobet bola most bettors. Usually, parlay betting gives you the opportunity to bet on a number of events at the same time rather than having several individual bets. It’s like putting several bets together into one big bet.

However, the opportunities for parlay soccer betting are much greater than you might expect and the risks are also much greater. You have to run to win in all bets of this type. All parlays will be lost if one bet loses.

Difference between Conventional and Real Odds Parlays

You see, the example above has a fixed odds system that only works if both options are 50/50. However, if you bet on sports, there are always favorites and underdogs, and the odds are never the same. To calculate this type of parlay scenario, you will have to do some sports betting math.

The Math Behind Parlay Betting

How Much Do Parlay Bet Pay?

Sports generate dynamic odds, meaning that no two bets have exactly the same 50/50 odds. Fortunately, the calculations are not too complicated. If you use decimal odds, simply multiply all bets by the stake. If you bet on a three-team parlay bet with the following odds: 1.2, 1.5, and 1.4, just multiply the three numbers by your bet.

1.2 times, 1.5 times, 1.4 times $100,000,000 equals a payout of 2,800,000.
1,800,000 when you take the bet
Long story short, parlay bets offer much higher payouts than singles, but also carry more risk. That’s quite a lot of soccer betting experts still haven’t come to an agreement regarding the long-term viability of parlay betting.

What Happens in a Case Series?

If there is a tie (better known as a push), the parlay bet ignores that bet and lowers the total bet amount, resulting in a lower payout. For example, if you invest in a five-team parlay, getting four wins and the last game was a draw, your bookie will lower your odds from 22 to 1 to 11 to 1 and pay you accordingly. But keep in mind, not all bookies have the same rules.

Ideal Scenario for Parlay Betting

How fair is the parlay betting system? Well, in a two-team parlay with both odds set at -110, the actual probabilities should change the odds to +300, but you only get +260. For a three team parlay the total odds should be +700 but the bookies only give you +600.

In other words, bookies do not provide match levels for fixed-odds parlay bets. With that said, is there a viable scenario where parlay betting makes sense?

Important Guide to Parlay Football Gambling