Keylogger is not a new term and technique in the world of hacking . This technique is very dangerous because it can break into data from the computer. For those who don’t know, here we will try to explain what a keylogger is and how it works.

In addition we will also explain some examples of keyloggers and how dangerous this hacking technique is. This technique has even been used to break into accounts and extort Bitcoin owners.

Know More Details What is a Keylogger ?

Keylogger is a hacking method or technique that can record activity on a computer keyboard . For example, when you type your username and password for social media, e-banking, and others, it will be recorded in the keylogger .

PC keylogger itself is in the form of spyware which is usually sent by hackers in the form of an attachment sent to an email. Computer owners unknowingly install these devices so that hackers can record the victim’s computer keyboard activity .

After the technique generates a lot of data from keyboard recordings , the hacker gets all the important information belonging to the victim. For example, such as e-banking accounts, Bitcoin accounts, and others.

Simply put, once the spyware is installed, all sensitive data information on the user’s device can be known.

How Keylogger Works

Above we have explained briefly and simply how it works. Here we will discuss in detail so that you can be aware of this dangerous hacking method .

Basically there are two ways hackers install this spyware on the victim’s computer. One of them we have explained above is sent via an attachment via email.

Another way is to install it directly on the victim’s computer. This means that this spyware requires a direct physical access to the victim’s computer and installs itself.

Software that is successfully installed will run without the knowledge of the computer owner. This means that the keylogger is only known by the person who installed it.

The spyware will record all keyboard activity on the computer and then record it in a log file . Some types of keyloggers are even there that automatically send the data to the owner of the spyware directly.

After that the data obtained will be used to break into certain accounts. For example, breaking into the victim’s e-banking account as a virtual crime.

Keylogger Examples

So that you can be more careful, here we will explain some examples that are quite often used.

  1. Hypervisor

Spyware is a type of software that records all the typing on the computer keyboard . One example of the most popular type of Hypervisor is AMD-V or also known as the Blue Pill.

  1. Form Capturing Spyware

Apart from logging the keyboard , there is also a type of keylogger that can log form submissions. The method is to record the submission function on the website daily profit. The data generated is in the form of HTTPS encryption.

  1. Spyware Sticking to the Keyboard API

The next type of keylogger is a type of spyware that can work with the operating system. The way it works is by recording keypress activity and then recording it automatically.

Examples of popular keyboard API keylogger types are GetForegroundWindow and GetAsyncKeyState.

  1. Kernel Based Spyware

Until now, there are still many people who find it difficult to fight spyware on this one. The kernel is a powerful type of keylogger . The reason is, not many people and software are able to detect the presence of a kernel on a computer.

  1. Packet Analyzers

This type is the easiest to use. That’s why Packet Analyzers are often used. Just like other types of keyloggers , Packet Analyzers can also record keyboard activity .

However, Packet Analyzers are quite difficult to obtain. This spyware is capable of capturing network traffic that is associated with HTTP POST activity. After that Packet Analyzers retrieves data as well as unencrypted passwords .

Tips to Prevent Keylogger

In order to avoid keylogging download via email, or directly installed, here we explain tips to prevent it:

  1. Using Security Software

The easiest way to prevent this hacking action is to use security-based software. Examples such as anti-keylogger software which is now quite widely offered.

You can use the types of free software on the internet, as well as paid ones. However, we recommend that you choose paid software because its features are more complete and powerful .

  1. Utilizing the On-Screen Keyboard

There is another way that is no less easy and free to prevent data from being stolen by a keylogger . The trick is to use the On-Screen Keyboard application on the Windows operating system.

How to use it is easy. You just have to click every button on the screen. By using this application, if you type important data on the computer, the keylogger will not be able to record it.

You can use this application to type your id and password . For example, to login to important accounts such as e-banking , credit cards, Bitcoin accounts, and others.

  1. Using KeyScrambler

KeyScrambler is a free anti- keylogger that you can use to ward off these spyware . Please download and install it on your computer.

How to use it is very easy, namely by clicking the Keyscrambler icon on the computer. Then activate the anti-keylogger software .

The way this application works is quite simple. Every time you type on the keyboard , the application will randomize what you type. As a result, keylogger records cannot clearly detect what you typed.


Broadly speaking, a keylogger is a hacking software capable of retrieving sensitive or important data on the victim’s computer. After hackers take this data, they will use it to break into the victim’s important accounts.

That’s the meaning of keylogger that we can convey here. Hopefully useful and can help you to prevent virtual crimes that often occur today.

Know More Details What is a Keylogger ?