Playing Trusted Online Slot gambling with official and trusted agents with us will actually get many tempting bonuses, especially if you are still a beginner bettor category. The beginner bettor category here is for those of you who have really just joined us in the midst of a pandemic like now, we have many bonuses for those of you who play Trusted Online Slots . A bonus program for bettors who joined in the last two months, we deliberately created it for you.

We know very well that everyone is in trouble, especially from the economic aspect, where the pandemic that has attacked since the beginning of this year has spread to various countries including Indonesia. Even in Indonesia itself has now entered an economic crisis, as a result many people are experiencing salary cuts and even fired from their main jobs. Therefore, we warmly welcome you with open arms if you want to earn money from playing online gambling with us.

The open-handed welcome that we mentioned above is one of them with a lucrative bonus program from Trusted Online Slot gambling games with official and trusted agents like us. If you are still in doubt and still haven’t registered a new account with us, we will explain what kind of bonus bonuses can be obtained by novice bettors who have joined now situs judi joker88. Read on for more, here are 3 bonuses that you can get when you join us.

New Member Bonus
The first is a new member bonus that will be obtained by bettors who have just joined us. You get this bonus without doing anything, all you need is to join and later the bonus will immediately add your balance to be used as initial capital to play online gambling. Usually it ranges from 50 thousand to 100 thousand rupiah, depending on your luck.

First Deposit Bonus
Next is the first deposit bonus that you can get from our Trusted Online Slot agent . This can be claimed if you have made a deposit for the first time after joining the record it must be the same day when you are officially registered with us.

First Strike Win Bonus
There is also a strike win bonus that beginner bettors get for the first time on the day they are officially registered with the official trusted online slot gambling agent . The condition is that you must record a minimum of three consecutive wins in slot gambling games in order to get this bonus. This first strike win bonus is usually in the form of money that goes straight into adding to your balance. Depends on the total bet of the three wins, so the system is a percentage. So the bigger each bet you win, the more prizes you get.

After you have listened to our explanation of the types of tempting bonuses that beginner bettors can get from the Trusted Online Slot gambling game , of course you can’t wait to join us. Join us and claim all the bonuses that we provide specifically for beginner bettors. After getting the bonus bonuses that we conveyed above, don’t think everything is over, because we have daily bonuses which means you can get them from us every day. Our daily bonus is that if you deposit at least 5 times within a day, it’s very fun isn’t it.

Playing Trusted Online Slot Gambling There are Many Tempting Bonuses