Roma Joker123, Slot Game That Provides Benefits!

In the joker123 online slot game there are many slot games. Of which this online slot game has dozens of games. And one of the famous games is the roma joker123 game. This game has many enthusiasts who want to play Roma Joker123.

Want to know why? Let’s discuss together in full about this joker123 roma. Which for now we will discuss one by one all the things that are in Rome joker123.

Roma joker123 itself is a slot game called Rome and it is precisely located in the joker123 slot game. The joker123 roma game is famous for being easy to play and win.

But still, to be able to play it easily and easy to win, you have to know in detail about Roma Joker123. Roma joker123 is also known as online slot game.

This Roman game is also a game that is the most popular game among players. Which every novice player or player who has often played slots will definitely choose this game.

And one of the advantages of this Rome game is that every judi slot deposit pulsa player who wants to get the jackpot in this game has to guess where the jackpot is. And this makes the player’s adrenaline increase.

One of the features it has is that you will get a mini bonus by fighting a lion that can be defeated by using two swords to fight the lion.

Now you are more and more curious, not with this Roma joker123 online game. To answer your curiosity, we will provide complete information about this game. So let’s listen to it. We will start by discussing what rules are contained in the roma joker123 game.

Rules of the Game Rome Joker123

Roma joker123 is one of the online slot games at online gambling agents that have a progressive jackpot value. Which means that this Rome game has a jackpot value that is getting bigger and bigger to get.

In the game, this roma joker123 will give each player a bonus or free spin. And the way to get this bonus or free spin is simple, you only need three pictures of lions with an orange background between the 5 lines in the game.

And as for the bonuses that this game has are major bonuses, minor bonuses, and also random bonuses. Which of these random bonuses is the bonus you will get equal to the value of the roma game. Register a new id first to play this slot.

Now for those of you who want to get it, you must have a bonus image of at least three. And later there will be a further display of the bonus. After this you can try to play it.

Odd On Rome Joker123 Slots Game

In this Roma joker123 game, there are some odds that you must know so that later you can calculate the value of the winnings you will get.

Shield / Shield

  • 3 Symbol x5
  • 4 Symbol x15
  • 5 Symbol x75
  • Own / Power
  • 3 Symbol x5
  • 4 x10 symbols
  • 5 Symbol x30


  • 3 Symbol x5
  • 4 x10 symbols
  • 5 Symbol x30
  • Ax and Sword
  • 3 x10 symbols
  • 4 Symbol x30
  • 5 Symbol x120


  • 3 x10 symbols
  • 4 x50 symbols
  • 5 x200 symbol

Crown / Crown

  • 3 Symbol x15
  • 4 Symbol x100
  • 5 Simbol x500
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Sparta ( Jackpot )

  • 3 Symbol x15
  • 4 Symbol x150
  • 5 Symbol x1000

And how to calculate it is actually the same as other online slot games. For example, the following calculations:

You place a pair on the Roma joker123 slot bet of 20,000, and for the images or symbols that come out of the Roman slot machine are 4 pictures of lions in a row.

Then your winnings will be calculated to be 20,000 x 50 (because there are 4 pictures of lions that appear) then your winning value will be worth 1,000,000 (one million rupiah).

Big is not the value of the win you will get? And of course this is what makes people even more interested in playing in this Roma joker123 slot game. Because it’s not only easy to play, but the value of winning is great.

How To Find A Joker123 Roma Slot Agent

After you know how to play it, you can find a roma joker123 gambling agent site like inasports88 is right. So that later you can play comfortably and get big wins.

  • To find out a roma joker123 slot agent site that is right, you can judge it by using the following, such as:
  • See how long the Roma joker123 slot agent site has been operating in this online gambling.
  • The domain name used by the Roman site.
  • The design used for the Rome slot agent site.
  • Does the Rome agent site have a trusted title and certificate from the world gambling association.
  • The facilities and services provided by these Roman agents.
  • Facilities function 24 hours.
  • Provide the correct play guide article service and winning tips.
  • Gives guarantees to all members as to how much the value of the winnings will be paid by the agent where they are playing.
  • After you find the right Roma joker123 slot agent, you can immediately register on the agent’s site. And to register, you don’t need to be in trouble.
  • Because to register with a trusted agent, of course the trusted agent will make it easy for you to register yourself. All it takes is a few things as below:
  • Complete personal data to fill in the required list form.
  • Phone number that will be used.
  • Account number and also the bank name of the account number.

Only with the three things above you can register with a trusted Roma joker123 agent. Make sure that the personal data that you use to register is not known by other people.

This is to maintain the security of the account you use to play. So don’t let this secret be known by other people.


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