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Online slot symbols – The variety of symbols that appear on a slot machine will vary from game to game. However, it is not only the appearance and design of the symbols that varies, but also their functions. There are various special symbols that have other functions. Some replace others, some trigger special features, some increase your winnings. Below, you can find out about all the types of symbols you will find on slot machines and learn how online slots work. The trusted online slot is the Eagle Valley Childcare online slot. Online Slot Betting Games.

Standard Symbol

You can view all standard symbols and their payouts in the slot payout table. The more symbols that land on the active payline, the bigger the payout. Usually the playing daftar judi slot symbols offer lower payouts. Higher value symbols are often designed to reflect the theme of the game.


any of the Online slot Symbols, The Scatter Symbol can land at any position on the reels. Your scatter pay usually gives you a payout multiplied by your total bet, unlike the standard symbol payout, which is multiplied by your line bet only. In many online slots slots, these symbols are the key to triggering free spins or bonus rounds.


These symbols multiply the standard payout by a certain amount. The multiplier can become a standard symbol and will increase the payout of winning combos. Some wild symbols also function as multipliers and can increase the payout of any winning combination they substitute for.

Bonus Symbol

The bonus symbol is the key to unlocking the bonus round. They often work in a similar way to scatters, in that they don’t have to appear on the payline to trigger the feature. The bonus symbols are usually very reflective of the game theme.

Free Spins Symbol

While the scatter symbols often trigger free spins in slots, some games have additional special symbols that can launch the free spins feature. This may need to appear in any position in some games, or on an active payline in another game.


Usually found on slot machines, wild symbols act as jokers and can replace other symbols to complete winning symbol combinations. In most cases, wild symbols will replace all standard symbols, but will not replace bonus, free spins, or scatter symbols.

Sticky Wild

This symbol is an enhanced version of the classic wild symbol. The sticky wild animal holds its position on the reels for a number of re-turns. This increases your chances of lining up for a win at the next re-spin.

Stacked Wild

Stacked wilds are basically a series of wild symbols that appear in consecutive positions on the reels. Stacks of wilds can appear as larger symbols that can cover an entire reel, or they can take the form of many normal wild symbols consecutively.

Expanding Wild

Such symbols replace others, such as the standard wild symbol. However, the symbol will expand upon landing to cover more positions. They usually expand vertically to fill the entire roll, and in some cases, they can expand horizontally in different rows.

Cascading Wild

When the wild symbol lands on the reel, it will disappear, along with the other symbols in the winning combo, making way for the new symbol to descend from above and fill the space. Therefore, the tiered wild feature gives you the opportunity to get more wins from a single spin.

Random Wild

As the name suggests, this type of symbol can appear randomly as you play, replacing standard symbols with wilds. Sometimes they can be found in the base game, but they often appear in bonus rounds or free spins.

Moving Wild

Also known as shifting wilds or walking wilds, moving wilds will shift positions across the reels after they land. They usually move one position with each repeat loop until they come off the reel completely. They increase your chances of winning consecutively with each re-spin.

Added Wild

The added wild is an extra symbol which serves as a substitute for the wild symbol. Additional wilds are found more frequently in bonus rounds or free spins, than in the base game. They provide more opportunities to complete winning combinations.

Contagious Wild

This is where the wild symbol turns the symbol next to it wild. Wild contagion can occur vertically, horizontally, and in some cases, diagonally. They can turn one symbol wild or alternatively they can turn several symbols wild.

Reel-Specific Wild

Some slots will only include wild symbols on certain reels. Some examples of reel specific wilds are those that appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 or only on the outer reels. As such, players cannot make winning combinations on the payline with wild symbols alone.

Extra Wild

Some games have an additional set of wild symbols, which can be added to the reels only in the bonus round / free spins, or in the base game as well. In some cases, you will need to place additional bets to add extra wild to the reels.


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