The history of online slot gambling games

Slot games are gambling games that are always interesting to play with a choice of various games to try. Even with the smallest bet of 500 rupiah, this game has been played for each spin with the simplicity of an entertaining way of playing. In addition, slots also offer major prize wins called jackpots that can reach such fantastic values.

So, how was this slot gambling originally born and how was the story of its actions so that it became a gambling that was so admired and well-known to be played among gamblers. Let’s just discuss below.

Liberty Bell’s First Slot Machine

The emergence of slots can be traced to more than a century ago, namely in 1887 in New York City, United States. At that time Sittman and Pitt was a successful small company for the world’s first poker machine with a 5 drum display.

This poker machine is placed at a number of strategic entertainment points where the players of this machine can enjoy the victory and entertainment of this game then claim their winnings by getting free cigarettes or drinks. This poker machine that cannot issue automatic payouts is what triggers a mechanic named Charles Augustus Fey to try to make a more perfect machine.

But in the process, Fey found a new element to design a gambling game machine with a reel concept known as slot gambling. It adds a golden bell symbol in the game and uses only 3 reels for the game display, and this machine can give automatic payouts to the winners. Suddenly Fey’s findings became viral at that time and Fey was considered the first person to discover game slot online uang asli gambling.

Fruit Slot Machines From Herbert Mills

The development of slot gambling did not run smoothly from the start because it was not long after that gambling throughout America was banned by law that was passed. This makes all slot machines that have been circulating have to be withdrawn and make slot machine production stagnant because they are categorized as gambling machines.

Until finally in 1907 the Herbert Mills company from Chicago succeeded in finding a slot game machine without gambling elements called the Bells Operator. This machine is also known as a fruit slot machine because it uses fruit symbols as a game display and this machine also does not provide payment in the form of money but candy. One of the most legendary symbols of this fruit slot machine is the bar symbol which is still often used in slot design concepts.

In 1908 American gambling was legalized and slots returned to the concept of gambling which made the growth of slots revive again.

Electromagnetic Slot From Bally

Moeny Honey is the name of a slot machine that was first launched in 1968 where this slot machine is called a second generation slot machine because it carries the concept of electric power which replaces slot machines that previously worked with mechanical power so that a lever was needed to be pulled on the slot machine. earlier to trigger the components in the machine to operate.

With the concept of electric power, it certainly makes it easier for players, namely where players simply press the spin button on the machine instead of pulling the traditional lever. Since then, the slot machines that have been produced have started to eliminate the concept of the lever.

Video Slots From Fortune Coin

In 1976, the slot machine again underwent an extraordinary transformation when the Fortune Coin company released the first video slot machine using a 19-inch Sony Trinitron TV as a display for old-school slot games. This was welcomed positively and led to the sale of slot machines and large orders from casinos around the world. Since now slot gambling has become increasingly popular with people and is considered a very elite and interesting gambling

The release of this video slot was not without problems at first because many experts thought that the video slot concept opened up opportunities for cheating in the game. But this was denied by the American gambling commission when they investigated it and suggested installing an anti-cheat tool in the machine.

Online Slots From Microgaming

Slot gambling in 1994 can be said to have been at its peak because all casinos have prioritized 70% of their halls for slot machines and slots themselves are responsible for 70% of casino revenue.

In the same year, online slots began to be released with microgaming and other gambling software and made slots playable without going through the machine again but from other devices such as computers using the internet.

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