Being a soccer score betting player online is fun and also profitable. But for those who are still beginners, you must know the following types of licensed soccer betting agent bets so you don’t choose the wrong choice later when betting:

1. Asian Handicap
As an Indonesian gambling player, you must be familiar with the term voor-voor-an (fur-fur-an). In online soccer betting services , it is called Handicap or Asian Handicap betting.

Usually the handicap is always opened in every match market. The rules for playing daftar ibcbet this handicap are quite simple, namely by favoring one team in a match.

Before the match starts, you determine how many voor for the team that is considered strong against the weak team. For example, placing a voor of 1 goal, then you are declared a winner if your team wins with a minimum score of 2 goals.

2. Over Under
In addition to handicaps, Over Under/OU are also often opened in various market formats. Including tournaments, friendly matches, leagues and so on. How to play Over Under is very easy and the potential for winning is quite large.

If playing Over Under you only need to guess whether the total goal score at the end of the match is above the market that has been opened or below. If you guess correctly, you will win.

3. Mix Parlay
Mix Parlay is a type of soccer gambling that is known to give high winning results. The rules of the game, you must choose a minimum of 3 teams in each bet. You are also free to choose the market. You win if the predictions of each selected match are all correct.

4. 1 x 2 (Home Draw Away)
Playing a 1 x 2 bet is very easy, players predict whether the home team will win the match (1), draw (x) or win the away team (2). You choose the bet according to the number and if the prediction is big, then it is declared a win.

Types of bets on the most popular soccer betting sites