Whenever you sign up for an online casino, you usually have to pay money to join. However, as the competition between different sites gets stronger, more and more are now offering the option of joining no deposit. However, it seems that this is no longer enough and they have now upgraded it to a no deposit bonus. What does all this really mean?

Join Without Deposit
Without joining a deposit, you can use the casino site features without actually having to pay. Of course, until you put some money into your account, you won’t be able to play any games either. However, you can try the game through the demo and access all other areas of the website, including the forums and community section.

No Deposit Bonus
No deposit bonus option can be one of two things. Keep in mind that there are so many online casinos around now that the owners have to do everything they can to attract new customers. Therefore, the two options below are current ones, but this does not mean that the new options are not available all the time either.

The first no deposit bonus option was the first to be developed. Here, this basically means that you can win any big bonus the casino has to offer without paying a deposit. You do have to pay a fair amount to be able to bet, of course, but this option essentially eliminates the need to have a minimum payout into your account.

The second option is that you get a bonus just by joining, even if you don’t pay a deposit. This is the newest option and one that almost all online casinos now offer. Here, when you join a website, you will be given a bonus – usually money – to spend on casino games. You can actually win with this money, but you will never be able to pay the money back to your account. In other words, it will always be in your account until you actually spend it. This is very interesting, because it gives you the opportunity to actually try the casino first. Some of the no deposit bonuses are quite high, reaching up to £20, which can help you win big if you are lucky too.

Gambling in a casino, online or in real life, is always a risky business. However, with more and more casinos now offering no deposit bonuses, there’s nothing really stopping you from at least giving it a try. A few words of caution are needed: online gambling is just as addictive as gambling in real life, if not more so. This means it is advisable to take some time in advance to find all the websites that offer join bonuses, so you don’t have to spend any money yourself before you even get started.

What is Poker No Deposit Bonus?